How to Wear the Medal of Merit

The Medal can be worn at:

  • functions organised by the employer
  • patriotic events
  • family celebrations

Correct Medal Etiquette

1) Attaching a large medal when no ansiomerkit-nain-kaytat-3other medallion is worn

Men attach the Medal on the left side of their suit jacket so that the rosette tips touch the top part of the pocket. Using a pocket square when a Medal of Merit is worn is not recommended.
Women attach the Medal of Merit to their dress on the left side of their chest.

2) Wearing a Medal of Merit ansiomerkit-nain-kaytattogether with other decorations

If a Medal of Merit of Finland Chamber of Commerce is worn together with a domestic or foreign decoration, both men and women attach it below these on the left side of their attire. If there is only one other decoration, the Medal of Merit can be attached next to it, on the side closer to the arm.

3) Wearing several Medals of Merit of ansiomerkit-nain-kaytat-2Finland Chamber of Commerce

Several Medals of Merit of Finland Chamber of Commerce can be worn simultaneously. In that case, they should be attached with the one representing the most career years closest to the center of the chest.